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Michael Jackson’s ‘Xscape’: Hear The Title Track Now

MJ feels like somebody's watching him.

The more we hear of Michael Jackson’s posthumous album Xscape, the more we love it. Case in point: the release’s title track, which is available exclusively now at michaeljackson.mtv.com.

If yesterday’s exclusive, the Timbaland-produced “Blue Gangsta,” was like a mash-up of Bad-era MJ and signature snaky Tim beats, “Xscape” has a similarly classic sound.

The Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins beat is low and rumbling, with an urgent vocal from MJ about escaping from the prying “electric eyes” of surveillance culture and relationship pressure.

“No matter where I am I see my face around,” Michael sings. “Everywhere I turn, no matter where I look/ The system’s in control, it’s all ran by the book/ I’ve got to get away so I can clear my mind/ Xscape is what I need.”

Jackson climbs from his familiar falsetto to an almost growling lower register during the song, which is spiked with bright horn blasts.

Embedded from www.mtv.com.