Lana Del Rey Promises More Sadness And Vice In Ultraviolence Track List

But where are the droogs?

Is it just me, or were you all expecting Lana Del Rey's upcoming Ultraviolence to reference Anthony Burgess' "A Clockwork Orange" -- since, you know, the term comes from that book? The track list, which dropped Thursday (May 8), however, mentions nary an Alex nor a droog.

So far we've only heard one track from the record -- at least officially -- the moody "West Coast," for which Del Rey dropped a dreamy black and white video Wednesday.

Judging by the track list, she'll also be hitting up the East Coast; one of the tracks is called "Brooklyn Baby."

I'm going by the titles here, but it looks like the record will also be playing with some of the musician's tried and true themes: money and its vices, sad-eyed lost Lolita girls, and, of course, an aesthetic kind of violence.

Check out the track list for the Dan Auerbach-produced record below:

1. “Cruel World”

2. “Ultraviolence”

3. “Shades Of Cool”

4. “Brooklyn Baby”

5. “West Coast”

6. “Sad Girl”

7. “Pretty When You Cry”

8. “Money Power Glory”

9. “Fucked My Way Up To The Top”

10. “Old Money”

11. “The Other Woman”

12. “Black Beauty” *

13. “Guns And Roses” *

14. “Florida Kilos” *

*Bonus tracks