French Montana Is Basically A Kardashian Now: A Look At His Fabulous Life

French Montana Kardashian? If the lifestyle fits...

It's official -- French Montana is the latest "It Boy" in the Hollywood scene. He might be the last rapper that anyone would've expected to transform into a socialite, but if the Louboutins fit you've gotta wear 'em, right? The Morocco-born, Bronx-bred rapper got his start slinging street DVDs and pushing his popular Coke Boys mixtape series, but these days it looks like he's trading up for a life in the Hollywood Hills.

By night, he's still posing with Meek Mill and a few stacks, but when the sun is shining he's taking selfies with the Kardashian Klan. French has been spotted jet-setting across the continental U.S. with Khloe Kardashian, prompting rumors that they're dating, but things must be getting serious since he's now hobnobbing with the entire family.

Take a peek into the fabulous life of French Montana Kardashian:

He's been jet-setting across the country with Khloe Kardashian and crew

And even when he's not with Khloe, it's private flights only

This is what private in-flight meals look like, if you were curious

Before fancy meals with the in-laws, he's taking selfies with Kris Jenner

When he hits VIP, he needs to be surrounded by rappers and socialites

'Kanye Kardashian' still can't deal with paparazzi but French nailed it in like, a month

(Splash News)

He's been slimming down to look good for all of those photo ops

He said peace to the streets of NYC and hello to The Hills

Which is easy, since he and his realtor have built up a better rapport

Dogs are for suckers, so he copped two pet tigers for the crib

His toys probably cost more than your rent

And first thing in the morning, he takes selfies with his girlfriend's reality star sister

But he does some of his best thinking at night, thanks to that view

And honestly, he just makes for really great arm candy