'Vampire Academy' Star Lucy Fry Signs Up To Fight Ghosts With Kevin Bacon

The Aussie actress takes the lead in '6 Miranda Drive.'

By Kat Rosenfield

Lucy Fry made a lovely vampire, but her next big role will find her on the human side of a supernatural conflict. According to Deadline, the lanky "Vampire Academy" actress is officially on board for the upcoming haunted-house thriller "6 Miranda Drive."

Fry will star as the smart, shy daughter of a couple played by Kevin Bacon and Radha Mitchell, whose lives are thrown into chaos when a ghostly presence follows the family home from a trip to the Grand Canyon.

The actress is a small-screen regular in her native Australia, but American audiences will recognize Lucy from her turn as the elegant Lissa Dragomir in this year's "Vampire Academy." (She was the gorgeous, sylph-like blonde with her teeth in Zoey Deutch's neck.)

Her next film, "Now Add Honey," is slated for release later this year.

Not much is known about "6 Miranda Drive" apart from its creepy, one-sentence premise, but serious scares can be expected. The film is being distributed by the atmospheric horror connoisseurs at Blumhouse Productions and directed by Greg McLean, who also helmed cult favorite flick "Wolf Creek." And assuming that it follows the usual scary-movie protocol, it should give Lucy a great chance to show off her scream queen skills for the first time.

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