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How Did Tyga Vs. Lil Durk Turn Into A Rap Battle Royale?

Game, L.E.P., Chief Keef and Bump J all join the fray.

Tyga and Lil Durk started the week with a run-of-the-mill rap battle, but now, the one-on-one verbal joust has turned into a full-blown battle royale. Game, Chief Keef, L.E.P. Bogus Boys and very-much incarcerated Bump J are all involved, one way or another.

So how did we get here?

According to Durk, Tyga stopped responding to his texts for a planned collaboration, so the newly crowned XXL freshman threw a jab at T-Raww on Meek Mill’s “Chiraq” track on Saturday. It only took Tyga a few days to release his response in full, but he didn’t go in alone.

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