Imagine Dragons Get Pranked Hard By Nico Vega -- Oh, How We Laughed


If you're down with Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reynolds' belt-out-like-damn vocals on "Radioactive," you'll be way into Nico Vega singer Aja Volkman's take on the jam. Really, guys, it's an eardrum-burster -- literally.

Nico Vega, who plan to drop their new record Lead To Light this summer, like to mess around while on tour -- especially with long-time friends Imagine Dragons.

Many jokes were made, pranks played -- but one, executed by Volkman, stood out in particular. It involves one wily monitor guy, a crowd of thousands and some truly terrible-rific vocals courtesy of Volkman who is, by the way, married to Reynolds.

That's one way to keep the spark alive.