The 'Power Rangers' Reboot Needs These 9 Mighty Morphin' Characters

Alpha! Rita's escaped!

It's morphing time — or, at least, it's almost morphing time.

Lionsgate, home of the "Hunger Games" films, is set to reboot the "Power Rangers" franchise as a new series of feature films. It's an unexpected move that shook the Internet to its core, causing clusters of friends to activate their comically-sized wristwatches and meet in private to discuss disaster management.

If there's one way to manage the potential crisis, it's this: Lionsgate, do what you will with the "Power Rangers" franchise, but if you want to win over longtime fans of the series, there are a few characters from the glory days that need to factor into the movie. And here they are:


You can't have "Power Rangers" without the crew's esteemed, disembodied, floating head of a leader.


Ai-yay-yay! Without this never-endingly nervous android in play, who else could possibly recruit a team of teenagers with attitude?

Bulk and Skull

More specifically, actors Paul Schrier and Jason Narvy. They need a cameo. They are "Power Rangers," as much, if not more, than any other actors in the series. Also, dat music.

Rita Repulsa

If only because Cate Blanchett or some other Oscar winner as the cackling space sorceress is a thing the world needs to see.


With wings or without. Preferably with. Get Keanu Reeves to play him; he already has action experience, and familiarity with playing unrecognizable, dog-faced freaks.

The Putty Patrol

And keep their signature weakness intact, please. Kids these days need to realize that sometimes, all it takes to defeat your enemy is a swift kick to an amazingly precise location on the chest.

Lord Zedd

But only as a post-credits cameo, Thanos-style.

The Green Ranger

Yes, you need all the other classic Rangers as well, but the Green guy is a must — as is the Dragonzord, the Dragon Dagger, the golden chest armor, the fact that he starts out as an enemy, and, most importantly, the theme song:

Which "Power Rangers" characters do you need to see in the reboot?