The ‘Power Rangers’ Reboot Needs These 9 Mighty Morphin’ Characters

Alpha! Rita's escaped!

It’s morphing time — or, at least, it’s almost morphing time.

Lionsgate, home of the “Hunger Games” films, is set to reboot the “Power Rangers” franchise as a new series of feature films. It’s an unexpected move that shook the Internet to its core, causing clusters of friends to activate their comically-sized wristwatches and meet in private to discuss disaster management.

If there’s one way to manage the potential crisis, it’s this: Lionsgate, do what you will with the “Power Rangers” franchise, but if you want to win over longtime fans of the series, there are a few characters from the glory days that need to factor into the movie. And here they are:

You can’t have “Power Rangers” without the crew’s esteemed, disembodied, floating head of a leader.

Ai-yay-yay! Without this never-endingly nervous android in play, who else could possibly recruit a team of teenagers with attitude?

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