Nicki Minaj Could Sell Anything In This Salmon Colored Bikini

The rapper strikes a few sexy poses behind-the-scenes.

Nicki Minaj in a salmon-colored bikini? "Yasss Bish, Yasss!" The Queens rapper went on a little Instagram posting spree late Wednesday night, sharing behind-the-scenes photos from a commercial shoot, and honestly, we'd probably buy whatever she's selling.

Nicki was shooting some promo for Myx Fusions, and figured that she might as well share some of the images early. The photos showed her in various poses -- including the always awesome shot from behind -- with some silly captions. For exmaple, "Wen u see the dude u like standing across the room," you should probably be looking at him like this:

Or play coy like this...

Or just turn around...

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