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Look At Neil Patrick Harris Almost Naked On The Cover of Rolling Stone

You can leave your hat on.

Neil Patrick Harris is a gentleman both talented and charming. He's a father and husband, he stars in the Broadway revival of "Hedwig and the Angry Inch," he provided many of the highlights of the nine seasons of "How I Met Your Mother," he hosted the Tonys to great result four times and has accomplished many more stunning feats of entertainment and humanity.

That said, he's smokin' hot. And he posed basically naked on the cover of Rolling Stone, thereby showcasing the majority of that smokin' hot bod. Just get used to the applause you hear in the distance — we won't stop appreciating this any time soon.

So shut your door, turn on some James Blunt and spend a little time appreciating this latest piece of art that Neil Patrick Harris has bestowed upon the earth.

Rolling Stone

The issue, which also features an interview with Harris (and more pictures, we assume), hits stands May 9.