Take A Listen To This New Wu-Tang Snippet, It May Be Your Only Chance

Cher also shows up on this unnamed Wu track.

Wu-Tang Clan is currently in a stand-off, and while there is no update on the crew's planned reunion album, there is, at least, a new morsel of unreleased music.

On Tuesday, Forbes.com released "Wu-Tang Clan's Secret Album Unveiled: Once Upon A Time In Marrakech," a 13-minute documentary centered around the making of Once Upon A Time in Shaolin. This particular LP was recorded in happier times and is different from the tumultuous A Better Tomorrow, which has placed Wu-members RZA and Raekwon at odds.

The plan is to press up only one copy of Once Upon A Time, sell it to the highest bidder and place the music in a museum exhibition where fans can come and take a listen for a fee. Until then, we can fast forward to the 8:50 mark of the Forbes doc and listen to a snippet of a Ghostface Killah and Cher verse.