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Watch Jamie Foxx Sing Snippets Of Collabs With Pharrell And DJ Mustard

The movie star hopes to release new music later this year.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Jamie Foxx has been in six movies since he released his last album in 2010, but he plans to get back in the booth for a new album soon -- and has actually already started that process.

"I'm working on some music now," Foxx told MTV News during a press run for "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," which came out May 2 and stars him as one of the leads. "I just did a song with Pharrell called 'Tease.'"

The two have worked together a handful of times in the past: they were each featured on Twista's "When I Get You Home (A.I.O.U.)," and the Neptunes-produced LL Cool J's "Best Dress" and Diddy's "Partners For Life," both of which feature Foxx. Plus, Foxx starred in Pharrell's "Happy" music video a few months back.

That's not the only powerhouse producer that he's worked with of late. "DJ Mustard, we got a [song]: 'Hashtag, better bring that ass back/ Hashtag, better bring that ass back/ Now twerk it," the 46-year-old revealed, singing the song, rather than describing it.

What else might fans expect from his new music?

Foxx didn't specifically say that he and Drake have worked on material for the project, nor that they plan to. But there's certainly a chance that the two follow up "Fall For Your Type," their collaborative hit from Foxx's 2010 album Best Night of My Life, based on the praise the actor/singer had for Drizzy.

"Drake is my little brother, man," he told MTV News. "When he first came out, I took him to '[The Tonight Show With] Conan O’Brien' and I said, 'Listen, you may not know who this is, but in a couple of years, the whole world will know his name.'"

Of course, Foxx is a very busy man -- with two more movies due this year, and another in pre-production. But if all goes according to plan, he says a new album will hit stores around Christmas 2014.