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Miley Cyrus Gives Herself A Wedgie At Comeback Concert: See Tonight's Pics

Miley takes London's O2 Arena by storm after being sick for weeks.

Miley Cyrus is back.

After almost a month away from the stage due to an infection, Miley returned to her Bangerz Tour on Tuesday night (May 6). And fans? They received her with open arms and lighters.

The London comeback at O2 Arena introduced a lot of new looks, including a long-sleeved leotard made of money and a rhinestoned leo with giant 3-D lips. See some of the looks below!

Miley gives herself a wedgie. Looks uncomfortable, but hey, whatever works for you, girl.

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Wait, she was just sick? Lookin' good (and flexible)! (But why is she mic-ing up her crotch?)

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Cyrus looks baffled in her new sparkly outfit.

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Giant, fuzzy animals, as usual.

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Playing with Amazon Ashley's boobs, as usual.

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Here's Miley's entrance. (Don't click on sound if you don't like swearing.)

The O2 crowd lit up the arena at Miley's return.

Miley performs her traditional cover of Dolly Parton's "Jolene."

Here what the Smilers had to say, overjoyed that Miley's back to being Miley again. Some of them were lucky enough to be there. Jeal.