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Miley Cyrus Squashes Rumors: 'I Didn't Have A Drug Overdose'

'I'm the poster child for good health,' she said before London show.

Miley Cyrus is putting the rumors to bed and becoming fully transparent before her London concert Tuesday night (May 6) — her first show since emerging from her hospital bed.

During a press conference at the O2 Arena in the U.K., Miley laid it all out for reporters, setting the record straight about her absence.

"I didn't have a drug overdose. I took some sh––y antibiotics that a doctor gave me for a sinus infection and I had a reaction," she said.

The "We Can't Stop" singer had to postpone eight dates of her Bangerz Tour due to the infection in April and May, making tonight's performance her first since April 13 in Columbus, Ohio.

Miley Cyrus Is Back, Maf–ka!

"You have no idea how ready I am. There is nothing I would rather not do than lay in a bed for two weeks. It was the most miserable two weeks of my life," she said, according to People.

As for her recovery, she has it all taken care of.

"I'm the poster child for good health," she said. "I'm on this crazy vitamin rush and crazy honey and lavender. I learned a lot about taking care of yourself.

"I'm probably the only one on this tour who doesn't drink or smoke before a show, as I take this really seriously," she said. "It's almost like being an athlete being up here, because if someone was f––ed up, they definitely couldn't do my show."