6 Celebrity Animals Mindy Kaling Should Meet Cute With

Meeting cute gets even cuter when four legs and furry bellies are involved.

By Kat Rosenfield

Mindy Kaling is always meeting cute with fictional dudes on primetime television, but her powers of attraction are fully translatable off-screen. On the Late Show with Seth Myers, Mindy dished on the real-life chance meeting she had with a handsome fellow, who came to her aid when she was struggling to hoist a heavy suitcase onto a luggage rack.

That man turned out to be Andy Roddick, who is married, which means that a Mindy-Andy love-fest (portmanteau: Rodicckaling!) will exist only in our imaginations, and in the fan fiction we started writing this morning.

Meanwhile, Mindy moved on to her second tale of romance... sort of, describing how a fan on Twitter had actually named a rat “Mindy” in her honor. Which got us thinking: about celebrities meeting cute, about cute animals and most importantly, about Mindy Kaling meeting cute with celebrity animals. Because maybe Roddickaling isn’t going to happen, but this? Totally could.

6. Jaws, the movie shark

Picture this: a deserted beach. A blazing sunset. The gentle lapping of waves. And Mindy, looking oh-so-fetching in a bikini made entirely of bacon. It would only take a minute for her to be bitten… by love.

5. Nobby and Nela, the Munich polar bears

Having loved and lost one polar bear already (RIP, Knut *sobbing*), seeing Mindy have a chance romance with these fuzzy twins from the Munich zoo is just what we need in order to believe in love again.

4. Darwin, the IKEA monkey

IKEA is already an ideal place to meet cute, but that goes double when you’re falling in love with a stylish Japanese macaque in a shearling coat. In a classic rom-com setup, Mindy and Darwin could find themselves fighting over the last Ektorp sofa… and then find themselves one month later, cuddling on it.

3. Xiao Liwu, the San Diego panda

Having been diagnosed with a terminal case of “acute cuteness” by San Diego zookeepers, a meet cute with Mindy might just be the thing that saves Xiao Liwu’s life.

2. Doge, the doge

Much cute. Very meet. So Mindy. Wow.

1. Grumpy Cat, the grumpy cat

If anything could un-grump Grumpy Cat’s adorable face, it would be running into Mindy Kaling at a Hollywood gala where both parties were attending as somebody else’s date. Sparks (and fur) would fly! Hearts would break! And one Richard Curtis film and several Oscars later, Mindy and Grumpy would be the It Couple of our generation, forever.