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Why's Chance The Rapper Dressed As 'Chance The Farmer' On 2014 XXL Freshman Cover?

Chance breathes life back into overalls on the magazine over.

Chance the Rapper isn't an easy one to categorize, or put in a box -- not that we'd want to, anyway -- but we saw a new side of him on the 2014 XXL Freshman class cover.

This was our official introduction to "Chance the Farmer," as the Internet has fondly dubbed him. The Chicago rapper wasn't going for the ultra cool, like the rest of his peers, instead he chose to keep it casual -- and eccentric -- in a pair of overalls with no shirt on. We've been wondering where the inspiration for the outfit came from, and then some ideas came flooding in. Tupac definitely loved overalls, but he wasn't the only one.

Andre 3000's Coachella outfit when OutKast finally reunited

DMX at Woodstock in 1999


Or maybe TLC, who made overalls look really really good

Then again, there's also Bob the Builder in his classic overalls