Watch Shailene Woodley Watch Herself Getting Her Hair Cut

'I totally wasn't crying!'

With reporting by Josh Horowitz.

You've already watched Shailene Woodley getting her hair hacked off for her now-infamous super-short cut to play cancer patient Hazel Grace Lancaster in the upcoming "The Fault In Our Stars." You've watched it over and over and over again. But have you watched Shailene Woodley watching Shailene Woodley getting her hair shorn?

Not until today, you haven't.

MTV News caught up with Woodley and co-star Ansel Elgort in New York City, where he showed the young star the footage of her getting the chop.

"Oh my god, I haven't seen this and everybody said I was crying!" Woodley exclaimed. "I totally wasn't crying."

Despite the fact that she can be heard on the haircut video saying something about "crying so hard," Woodley repeatedly insists that she wasn't crying.

Watch for yourself and decide, and see what else Woodley and Elgort have to say about the monumental snip.