Stop Everything Now And Listen To White Sea's 'Future Husbands Past Lives'

White Sea's brilliant, breathtaking new track will stay in your head all summer and will probably live forever in your past lives.

If Kate Bush stayed up all night bing listening to Whitney Houston's "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" and then went out binge drinking with Giorgio Moroder, the result would be White Sea's (Morgan Kibby of M83) brilliant new track, "Future Husbands Past Lives," which reads like the title to a Virginia Woolf short story but with far more lush vocal layers, harmonies, and thinking-woman's dance beats and way less drowning. (So Haim fans, lean in, okay?)

Come for the stellar Fleetwood Mac-ian production (crafted by the Grammy-nominated Kibby herself), stay for staggering the whistle tones, and pre-order her album, In Cold Blood, out May 19, now.

+ Listen to White Sea's "Future Husbands Past Lives."