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Jadakiss Has Some Words For The Internet Thugs On 50's New Single: Watch

Fif, Kiss and Kidd Kidd link up for the 'Irregular Heartbeat' single and video.

50 Cent and Jadakiss may have put their issues in the past, but that doesn't mean it's all love on their new collaboration, "Irregular Heartbeat," which also features Kidd Kidd.

In fact, it's anything but all love. The hook and verses on the song and video, which dropped on Tuesday (May 6), are filled with tough talk and the lyrical equivalent of the three MCs puffing out their chests. For his part, Kiss decides to take aim at Internet thugs: "30 something and you ain't even open your mouth yet/ Social media is giving cowards a outlet/ See him in person, say something, I doubt that/ Rather get caught with it than get caught without that/ Trying to back peddle and stumble on the curb/ You starin' at the ground, you mumblin' your words."

The spooky, minimalist G Rocka & Medi track is the latest in a weekly string of 50 Cent releases. The accompanying visuals, falling in line with the gritty lyrical themes of the track, show the story of a home-invasion-turned-kidnapping.

50's fifth solo album, Animal Ambition, drops on June 3.