Ariana Grande's 'Problem' Video Is Coming: Find Out The 'Mod' Details

Iggy Azalea talks to MTV News about what we can expect with the 'Problem' video.

Ariana Grande isn't having a single problem with her latest single.

"Problem," which the 20-year-old performed on "Ellen" on Tuesday (May 6), is on track to score one of the biggest sales debuts ever for a digital song, according to Billboard.

But she's not going at it alone: Ariana enlisted Australian rapper Iggy Azalea to lend her rhymes, and it turns out this collaboration between the ladies was long overdue.

"Ariana is amazing. She's super sweet, and she has an amazing voice and she's a great girl to work with," Iggy said during "Live From MTV" alongside her "Black Widow" collaborator Rita Ora. "We had actually been talking about doing a collaboration for about a year. We spoke about me being on her first album and it didn't end up happening, and so it's great to be on her first single. It's a cool song, really cool vibe."

In addition to linking her up with Ariana, the collaboration also allowed to her to work with one of her favorite producers, Max Martin.

"My whole life I aspired to work with him. And he's brilliant, just the pinnacle of an amazing hit writer. And I just always used to look at him and think, 'I wish I could write hits like this guy,'" Iggy said. "So to get to be in the studio with him and he wrote her part and I wrote my rap and he said, 'Wow you're a really good writer,' and to me that was the biggest compliment, ever, of all time."

But the buzz around "Problem" isn't going to die down anytime soon. Arianators and Azaleans have been anxiously awaiting the official video for the easy breezy summer jam ever since they laid eyes on the lyric video, which Iggy revealed does set the tone of what's to come.

"It was really cool," Iggy said of the video. "It's in the same theme. We are not going to be killing people in a lyric video and then do bubble gum or something in the video, it's the same realm. It's fairly evident that the theme is kind of mod and monochromatic. Mod girl would be the theme, I would say to the whole single film."