Who Will Neon Trees Frontman Tyler Glenn Make Out With In Future Videos?

The recently out singer talks pronouns.

Neon Trees' Tyler Glenn may have come out before releasing the band's newest effort Pop Psychology, but most of the pronouns in the band's new songs -- and the love interests in their videos -- are still female.

Does Glenn plan to whip out some "he"s moving forward? MTV News hit him up to find out.

"I don't think pronouns matter really with music because music is so universal," Glenn told MTV News, adding that women are not always the love interests they seem in the band's work.

In the video for "Sleeping With A Friend," for example, Glenn says the woman functions as a kind of a villain.

"Technically I'm sort of running from this girl in the video," he said. "Not to make women out to be bad, but... I kind of spent my life trying to date girls when in reality it just wasn't my nature."

Glenn, who was raised Mormon, came out in a recent interview with Rolling Stone after turning 30.

Still, he does say that mixing up the pronouns could be possible in the future.

"I think there might be an opportunity," he said. "We do have a lot of love-centered songs -- whether they're good love or bad love. I don't know, maybe it would be fun to make out with a dude and raise some eyebrows in a music video."