FilmMagic/Laura Cavanaugh

What Sickness? Miley Cyrus Parties In London For Bangerz Return

Miley will re-boot her tour in London on Tuesday night (May 6).

It's been a long, slow road back, but the day is finally here: Miley Cyrus is really, really back. After battling weeks of illness caused by a severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic , Cyrus will re-boot her Bangerz tour in London on Tuesday night (May 6).

She prepped for the big show on Sunday by announcing "imbackmaf--ka" and twerking it out to Lil Jon's "Turn Down For What" with a friend.

Here's the definitive proof that Miley is ready to hit it again:

Going Croque Monsieur

A bit of freaking out with pal Leesa Maree.

Slow Motion Turn Down

Can't get enough of Lil Jon.

Chewing With Her Mouth Open

And her eyes rolled all the way back.

Just Getting Super Trippy

You are feeling sleepy, very sleepy.

Now That's A Big Clock

Checking out Big Ben.

And A Big Blue Cock

Real mature, Miley.

Hanging With Mom

Who is a "wicked hippie, by the way.