Lorde Calls Out Scary, 'Stalking' Paparazzo

And she's turning the tables.

From flip-flopping journalists to Photoshop, Lorde isn't one to stay silent when it comes to her feelings on the media.

The latest issue to get stuck in her craw? Paparazzi -- specifically New Zealand photographer Simon Runting, who she says is "stalking" her.

"this man has been stalking me, photographing me and refusing me privacy. i am scared of him. he frequents central akl [Auckland]," Lorde tweeted, including a photo of Runting.

"this should not be an accepted standard for young women or anyone in this industry," she added. "i refuse to stay complicit and i refuse to stay passive about men systematically subjecting me to extreme fear. i understand that this comes with the territory. i do not understand why I should be complacent."

Lorde also posted a link to his Facebook page.

Lorde isn't the first person to call out Runting for his practices. Rihanna has also taken the photog to task in the past, posting a shot he took of her on her hotel balcony to Instagram with the caption: "I hate these n---az more than the Nazi," a reference to Kanye's "Flashing Lights." She later removed the image.

Runting was also the defendant in famous New Zealand privacy case "Hosking v Runting," in which TV presenter Michael Hosking took on the pap over photos that Runting took of his children.

It's unclear whether Lorde plans to take further action against Runting -- aside from turning the privacy tables.