Gangsta Boo And La Chat Resurrect Female Rap Collaborations On Witch EP

The Memphis rappers want to keep camaraderie alive between the female set.

By Sidney Madden

Southern female rap is making a ferocious resurgence with Gangsta Boo and La Chat teaming up on the upcoming EP, Witch. As fans of Southern rap can attest, the two femcees have been holding it down for the ladies for more than fifteen years. Both hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, Boo and Chat have garnered both separate and joint successes.

Gangsta Boo was the first and only female rapper to be a member of Three 6 Mafia and her debut album, Enquiring Minds, which spawned the break out hit, “Where Dem Dollas At,” dropped in September, 1998. La Chat also spent years mixing it up on Three 6 Mafia’s label, Hypnotize Minds, appearing on tracks with Three 6, as well as Gangsta Boo, before releasing her own debut album, Murder She Spoke, in 2001.

With such accolades under their belts separately, why would the two collaborate on an extended play now? As La Chat put it, frankly, “It was the right place and the right time.”

“We’ve been planning it for a few years, probably since 2008,” echoed Gangsta Boo, the self-proclaimed Queen of Memphis. “But we both just had other things going on in our lives; working on other projects, dealing with family stuff, and other sh– that prevented us from doing it.”

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