9 Lyric Videos That Might As Well Be Music Videos

You're trying too hard, lyric vid. You really are.

A lyric video has one purpose: to display a song’s lyrics. But recently, lyric videos have been going beyond their job description. It seems like when an artist is ready to release a new single, they shoot two music videos and just slap words over one of them.

Today’s example does a little more than that. 5 Seconds of Summer’s “Don’t Stop” lyric video turns the guys into a comic-strip and tells a complete story.

Here are 9 lyric videos that are so much more than moving sentences (expect a lot of Katy Perry):

1. “Payphone” – Maroon 5 featuring Wiz Khalifa
Want to see Adam Levine as a cartoon? Look no further. A sketched-out Levine shows the singer’s six-pack through his shirt and even gives him giant biceps and deltoids. But the comic-book video doesn’t give him a girlfriend. The lyrics play out in speech bubbles, but the rest of the video plays out a full story worthy of official-music-video status.

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