These Concept Designs For Rhino In 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' Are Cool As Hell

Beautiful and terrifying. Just like Paul Giamatti.

Now that "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" has unleashed its web-shooters in theaters and we've gotten a chance to check out Paul Giamatti's maniacal, metal-suited take on Rhino, we're getting a look at how the villain himself was created.

On his personal website, concept designer Robert O. Simons has posted art he created along with "Spider-Man" director Marc Webb and production designer Mark Friedberg. The photos are beautiful and an amazing peek into how your cinematic superhero sausage gets made.

All images © Sony Pictures

As Simons writes, "These were the original early concepts for Rhino in the film before we locked down the direction we wanted to go into. Originally we played around the idea of Rhino wearing a suit more so than a mech. As you will see below we wound up going with a mech."

The close-ups of Rhino's helmet are doooooope. "After working on the suit one of the concepts had a Helmet design so I started to do more detailed studies of the helmet like the graphics and material make up for it," Simons writes. "In the end the Helmet was cut from the film so we did not get to far in this design but i still think there is something interesting about them."

You can check out the rest of the designs over at his site and follow him on Twitter.