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Nicki Minaj Hides Some Big News In Soulja Boy Track: Listen To ‘Yasss Bish’ Now

'Droppin' my single in two weeks/ The Pink Print album a movie.'

Nicki Minaj is letting her rapping speak for itself. She’s left her colorful wigs, fancy robes and tutus behind — along with the hyper-pop production of some of her biggest hits — and now she’s getting back to her roots.

Her new song “Yasss Bish,” featuring Soulja Boy, does just that.

Dropped on Saturday (May 3), the track starts out with Soulja Boy’s intense 808 drum hits and a sinister, echo-y loop. And don’t forget about the bell that’s ringing that tells you Nicki’s about to take you to church.

Production aside, Minaj’s vocals are what stands out. Her voice is melodic, but her message is fierce. “I am the queen bee ’cause I’m a machine,” she raps. (Move over Queen Bey, I guess.)

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