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Austin Mahone Wrote His Next Single In The Bathroom

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With Reporting by James Lacsina

I guess Austin Mahone just gets inspired in his bathroom. Hey, I'm not judging.

The Secret singer admitted to MTV News on Thursday night that that's where he wrote his next single, "All I Ever Need."

"I like to write songs with my friend Robert. I was weird; we wrote it in my bathroom for some reason," Mahone said on the iHeartRadio Awards red carpet. "I mean, it's a pretty random place to write a song, but I know my fans are gonna love it, so check it out."

Well, at least he admits it's kind of weird. But this isn't the first time he's gotten creative in the bathroom. Remember this One Direction cover?

"All I Ever Need" follows "MMM Yeah" as the second single off the May 27 EP, and this one is extra-special, he said.

"I've never put out a song I wrote and produced myself, so it should be fun to watch," Austin said excitedly.

As for a video? Mahone hasn't thought that much about it, but he did have one thing in mind.

"I've been thinking of a treatment, I can't really think, maybe a nice video on the beach would be cool? I live in Miami so that would be nice," he said.

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