Find Out What Jay Z Told Troy Ave In A Text

Ave reacts to co-signs from Jay, Nas and 50 Cent.

Troy Ave has made quite the name for himself. With his independent hustle the Brooklyn rap rookie has turned heads and earned props from some serious hip-hop heavyweights.

50 Cent, for one, says he's betting on Troy Ave to win.

"Troy Ave is going to be one of those guys that i hope goes to the top," Fif said during an interview with NYC DJ Funkmaster Flex on Wednesday.

Ave loves the encouragement. "I think it's dope. He was on Funk Master Flex the other night and he was talking about how he wants Troy Ave to win and things of that nature," Troy told MTV News on Thursday when we visited the set of his upcoming "Your Style" video in New Jersey.

"I think it's ill when you got somebody like 50, speaking about you in a dope manner, as far as, 'Yo, I like what he's doing'," he continued.

Ave's 2013 breakout single "Show Me Love" borrowed elements from 50 Cent's 2003 classic "In da Club" and features G-Unit's Tony Yayo, while his current single, "Your Style," features Lloyd Banks. Now, he has New York's top rap representatives rooting for him.

"I met Nas the other night and he said, 'Yo, you ill, I love what you're doing for the city,'" Ave shared. "Jay Z hitting my phone, texting me, like 'Son, you keep doing your thing, you're representing for the town.'"

With all of the recent co-signs, the BK spitter says that 50's stamp means the most to him.

"I think that's dope. Especially 50; 50 was one of my influences coming up. He came through, brunt it up, made half-a-billie damn near," he said. "So I'm trying to do the same thing, I'm out here representing."