Here's How We Feel About 'Girl Meets World' Finally Getting A Premiere Date

Summed up in GIFs, naturally.

We finally know when that girl is going to meet the world.

At long last, Disney has announced the premiere date for the debut of "Girl Meets World," the sequel series to the channel's successful "Boy Meets World," which aired from 1993 to 2000.

The spin-off will premiere on June 27, before taking a week-long hiatus and settling into a regular 8:30 p.m. timeslot, Buzzfeed confirmed. We've seen the trailer for the show, showcasing Cory and Topanga's tween daughter Riley, and now we're so close to the actual premiere that we can almost taste it.

Disney also released a new trailer for the show.

Here's the variety of feelings we're feeling so deep in our feel-bones about all this "Girl Meets World" news:


We've missed these characters so much.

We like it.

We're gonna watch it on that TV! Right there!

We're already waiting on our couches. We're ready.

"Girl Meets World" premieres June 27.