Liam Payne / Twitter

Why Is Liam Payne Crying On Twitter?

It's gonna be OK.

All of a sudden, Liam Payne — who's been known to call people out for invading his privacy — is getting rather public. The One Direction singer aired out his relationship problems for all to see on Twitter on Friday (May 2).

Now, hopefully, those are just lyrics to an unreleased track we'll be getting in a few days (maybe? fingers crossed?). But if this is reality, it seems like the Payne Train is in a whole lot of pain — the heartbreak kind of pain.

Liam could be subtweeting Sophia Smith, his old-college-pal-turned-girlfriend. Rumors have been circulating about their breakup. But if they've split as suggested, Liam could also be talking to Danielle Peazer. The couple dated after they met on "The X Factor" in 2010 (she danced on the show, and continues to dance for other musicians). They reportedly broke up in 2013.

Regardless of who Liam is pleading with so sweetly, let's hope things work out and he feels better soon.