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Beyonce Shares A Photo Of Her Childhood 'Grill'

If pretty hurts, then cuteness must be lethal.

Beyonce's Instagram,

Now, anyone who obsessively catalogs Beyoncé like I do knows that she's never been one to shy away from a grill. Remember that gold, bottom-row one she wore to Coachella? Just FYI, the exact one she wore is nowhere to be found on eBay. I checked.

So, when I saw the caption on Bey's latest Instagram photo ("My grill in 1988"), while scrolling quickly through my feed this morning, I nearly dropped my phone into the tub of hummus I was trying to pass off as a balanced breakfast. Once I actually looked at the pic, though, I realized that the "Pretty Hurts" singer was simply referring to her teeth, or lack thereof, in this class photo circa elementary school.

Sure, seeing bb Bey equipped with some Katy Perry in "Dark Horse"-levels of mouth candy would have been iconic. But, honestly? This picture of Beyoncé absolutely beaming with that "Just found some Tooth Fairy money under my pillow" glow is approximately a-bajillion times better. It should be on a stamp, right? BRB, starting a petition ... right after I finish the last three servings of this hummus.