All 52 LEGO Easter Eggs In 'The Simpsons' Episode 'Brick Like Me'

With pictures!

"The Simpsons" episode "Brick Like Me" was one of the family's most fun and creative adventures in years. With the whole town turned into LEGOs, the writers took every single opportunity to make as many clever LEGO jokes as they could...

But just how many LEGO puns and gags are hidden in the episode? We found all 52 (we think):

1) Homer says that Marge gave him her hand in marriage, and literally takes off her hand.

Luckily, she has a special champagne hand that she last used on New Year's Eve.

2) Homer on LEGO Maggie: "They're so cute when they're Duplo."

3-5) 99-Stud Store, Lard Fig Donuts, Brik-E-Mart

6) H and R Brick

7) BS - First Brick Of Springfield

8) Brick, Block, & Beyond

9) Adult Blocks

10) Basic (LEGO) Human Anatomy

11) Bart rebuilds school following LEGO playset guidelines.

School playset is 15,000 pieces, for ages 12+, though as Principal Skinner says, "Age guidelines are conservative. Everyone knows it."

12-15) Philip K. Brick Books: "UBrick"; "Minifig In The High Castle"; "We Can Bulid You"; "The Three Stigmata Of Timothy Archer" (with a LEGO eye on a LEGO hand).

16) "Block Runner"

17) "Radioactive Fig"

18) "Bloc-quaman"

19) "Block-Go Comics"

20-23) More Philip K. Brick Books: "Sort My Pieces, The Policeman Said"; "Beyond Lies the Stud"; "A Scanner Blockly"; "Do Mini-Figs Dream Of Plastic Sheep?"

24) Brick iPhone

25) "Everything fits with everyone else and no one gets hurt" is both Lego movie reference and part of theme of the episode.

26) Homer isn't bleeped when he says, "Oh Brick Me"

27) Apu, when he thinks he is insulted, becomes righteously indignant by telling Homer that he's on the LEGO Advent Calendar (he's December 18).

A bunch of other classic "Simpsons" characters make an appearance on the calendar too.

28) The 5 Degrees of LEGO Love Tester At Moe's Tavern: Grey 1x1, Blue 3x1, Yellow 4x2 Flat, Orange 6x2 Brick With Holes, and, the granddaddy of them all, Red 8x2 With Slanty Part And Hinges.

29) Moe's has a "Hats and Hair Dispenser" by the exit.

30) When LEGO Willie falls asleep, brick thought bubbles emerge from his head, with brick lettering spelling "ZZZ".

31) Sign outside Church: "The Bible: The Best-Selling Block In The World"

32) Behind the reverend is a long brown block that seems a lot like a LEGO crucifix.

33) The Reverend's sermon tells the LEGO view of existence.

Before the world was only the table; the Constructor scissored open bag one and dumped out the universe, which led to the Time Of Great Sorting, color to color, shape to shape, and, of course, a pile of windows and doors on the side.

34) The LEGO bible says that all people are made of "Acrylonigrile Bydiene Styrene," or plastic, for short.

35) Hymns 1x6 and 2x4

36) Rehab World (why is this not a thing in real life?)

37) The big LEGO competition is "Brickstock"

38) Milhouse builds a LEGO Bart with a pathetic LEGO thought bubble

39) Comic Book Guy builds a LEGO version of Keendah Wildwill, the heroine of "The Survival Games."

After Comic Book Guy goes into a diatribe about her being a strong female character, Homer asks him why he built her breasts so big.

40) The LEGO statue of Jebediah Springfield reads "A noble spirit embrickens the mini-est fig."

41) Elements Of Style: Fine Torsos For Men

42) The Plastic Surgery Center works on multiple levels.

Obviously the LEGOs are all made of plastic, but even cooler, there is a Before and After picture of a female LEGO in a red bikini where the only difference is that in the Before photo, she's frowning, while in the After photo, she's smiling. It's a great message about accepting you for who you are.

43) When Homer destroys a police helicopter, the cops place the wreckage in tupperware so they can rebuild it later.

44) Skinner has a ton of schools for Bart to build, because he always gets the same set for his birthday.

We've all been there, Seymour.

45) Behind Lisa's bed is a LEGO Bleeding Gums Murphy. RIP.

46) All Plastic Comic Book Guy has to do to go from good to evil is turn his face around.

Homer comments, "You're the bad guy? I thought you were the rule-explainer guy!"

47) LEGO Comic Book Guy is, of course, the ultimate LEGO collector, owning every playset, including classic pirate playsets and ninja playsets.

Homer calls the ninjas "Pajama guys."

48) Mecha-Bart is part "Spongebob Squarepants," part "Batmobile," part "Hobbit Hole," and all awesome.

49) "You're going back to where you came from: Denmark." — LEGO is based in Denmark.

50) Bart exclaims, "I'm a creative but undisciplined builder" when his creation breaks.

This is probably a bit of an homage to "The Lego Movie," which shows us two types of LEGO builders.

51) Homer vehemently denies ripping off the plot for "The LEGO Movie"...

... Even as Emmett and Wyldstyle are seen behind him.

52) At the end, it's revealed the whole universe is 1 big playset, for Age 13 Billion+, and contains 1080 pieces.

BONUS: "Hunger Games" Parodies

1) The books young girls read are called "The Survival Games," whose subtitles are "Braving Courage" and "Destiny Daring," and which star famed heroine Keendrah Wildwill.

2) Keendrah has to pick between two perfect men, Thayson and Joshuel (one blonde, one brunette), who will love her "even if you string us along forever."

To make matters worse, one is "dangerous but good-looking," while the other is "strong but super cute."

Let us know your favorites and if we missed any in the comments!