Meet Lindsey Stirling, EDM's First Classical Violinist

'If I like dubstep and electronic, why don't I make the violin fit me rather than making myself fit the violin?' she told MTV News.

If you haven't heard of Lindsey Stirling, that's about to change. The classically trained violinist is known for combining her formal string instrument with deep dubstep production.

Shatter Me, her recently released sophomore album, is projected to come in at at the very top of Billboard's charts, creating quite the buzz. According to Stirling, her confidence comes from what she learned while questioning genre on her first album.

"The dubstep is harder, the electronic pushes further, and the classical elements — I feel like in both ways I kind of extended it and broadened it," she told MTV News.

The creation of the album started with a clear vision of the artwork, a ballerina in a snow globe.

"I thought to myself, what does that ballerina feel inside of that music box? You know? She's perfect, she's porcelain and protected, but does she wanna get out? Does she have desires? Does she have dreams outside of this perfect bubble?" Stirling said. This idea was so strong she knew right away this was to be the title track of the album. "I hadn't even written it yet, I hadn't done anything, but I was like 'That's gonna be the title track, it's gonna be the album artwork, and that's gonna be the music video that drops.'"

The theme of this trapped ballerina seems to tie strongly with her own background, which she described as "very structured." Eventually she grew tired of the formalities tied to classical music and her violin and decided to make a change, "If I like dubstep and electronic, why don't I make the violin fit me rather than making myself fit the violin?"

And now the violin does fit her. In addition to the success she has had with music production, Lindsey is admired for her incredible performances where she combines her violin playing with intense choreography. It is unique, to say the least.

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