We’ve Seen ‘The Simpsons’ LEGO Episode: 13 Awesome Things To Watch For

It's bricktacular.

Even after 25 (!) seasons and 550 (!!) episodes, “The Simpsons” shows that it can still surprise us.

Much of the ambitious animation recently has come courtesy of the opening couch gag, where everyone from Banksy to Guillermo Del Toro has graced our favorite yellow family with their unique styles and voices.

But “Brick Like Me,” the 550th “Simpsons” episode, is the creative team’s most ambitious outing in years. Every single part of Springfield gets LEGO-fied. The level of care put into the episode is stunning, and the unique animation brings to mind the “Treehouse of Horror VI” segment Homer3, which rendered Homer and Bart in a then-novel 3D CGI.

In addition to the wonderful animation, the episode, which could have been a cheap retread of “The LEGO Movie,” is actually really good, with some of the most clever “Simpsons” writing in years, all grounded in a surprisingly touching backstory. It took almost two years to produce, and the work definitely paid off.

While most of the episode is overflowing in gags and Easter eggs, here are 13 fantastic moments you need to look out for to get the most out of “Brick Like Me.”

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