Lil Boosie Gets Ferocious On 'Heart Of A Lion': Listen Now

Rapper shares first single from Touchdown 2 Cause Hell.

By Maurice Bobb

It's only been two months since his release from prison, but looks like Lil Boosie is ready to share some of the music he’s been carefully crafting for over eight years.

Last week, Boosie announced that his much-anticipated sixth solo LP will be titled Touchdown 2 Cause Hell and Thursday (May 1), the Baton Rouge spitter released the first single from the project, "Heart of a Lion."

As expected, Boosie Badazz’s new material is inspired by his time in the penitentiary. The song begins with a stripped-down beat laced with a synthesizer and finds the rapper born Torrence Hatch still slinging his brash and shrill lyrics. The accompanying video features flashes of various lions in the Serengeti attacking prey behind a large visual of a roaring lion with gnashing teeth ready to attack.

"I'm only 5'7" with the heart of a lion, creep like a tiger and I stomp like a giant/ Had to feed myself so a n---a so defiant, take ya to meet ya maker, n---a and I ain't lying," Boosie raps with undertones of how his many interactions with fellow prisoners at Angola must have taken place.

Diehard fans will rally around this sonic offering without hesitation, but Boosie made it clear that he's not here to mimic what's popular.

"I am not trying to sound like nothing that's out right now," he told XXL last month. "I think you start to do that when you listen to these guys so much. If you listen to somebody, that's just life. If you hang around a certain amount of wrong people, you start doing wrong. If you hang around positive people, then you start doing positive things. So when you listen to these dudes, in that same venture, you go and try and make that music that's similar to them."

Touchdown 2 Cause Hell is slated for release July 15.