Flirting With 50 Cent: A Selfie Guide To Fif’s 15 Favorite Ladies

Fif has posed with a number of big-name dames, from Oprah to Rachael Ray.

By Phillip Mlynar
During his rise to mega-stardom, 50 Cent has clocked up many milestones: He’s been the universe’s one-time most dangerous rapper, blazed trails by shifting a now legendary 872,000 first week copies of his debut album, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, made a gazillion bucks from a savvy Vitamin Water endorsement deal and, now, he’s successfully transitioned over into the world of film.

Fif’s biggest achievement though is surely the collection of selfies he’s amassed alongside famous femmes. Glancing through Fif’s impressive Instagram account is like rummaging through a complete collection of Pokemon cards — when it comes to posing with daytime talk show staples and legendary ladies of the silver screen, 50’s scored them all.

In tribute to the rap king of the celebrity selfie, here’s a round-up of 50’s 15 favorite ladies. (You can draw your own conclusions as to whether any romantic trysts ensued.)

1. Meryl Streep

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