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Little Mix Take Fierceness To A Whole New Level In These 'Salute' Teasers

Get ready for the new girl-power anthem.

Step aside, you guys. Little Mix are giving orders, and you better take them.

In new teasers for their "Salute" video, out Friday, the four Brits take fierceness to a new level. There's haze everywhere, hair clings to sweat and they growl at the camera as wind whips at their face.

The latest teaser opens with Jesy standing in a pool of water, as if the ladies are going through some kind of humid jungle boot camp. In another clip, Leigh-Anne lounges back in a leather chair, exuding girl-in-charge confidence. A torch is lit behind her in a tire, and there's gravel all around, as if they're hiding out in a cavern.

"Representin' all the women, salute. Salute!" they sing in a bad-to-the-core attitude.

Listen to "Salute," off their sophomore album of the same title, below:

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