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Chance The Rapper Celebrates Acid Rap Anniversary With New Song: Listen

The Chicago native drops the somber

Chance the Rapper is viewed as one of rap's best young talents ‒ and that's thanks in large part to his 2013 mixtape Acid Rap. Wednesday (April 30) marked the one-year anniversary of the release, and the Chicago rapper celebrated by releasing a new track.

That song, released on his official Soundcloud page, doesn't feel particularly celebratory, though. "I Am Very Very Lonely" finds Chano sing-rapping over a stripped down, somber beat produced by the Social Experiment. As is often the case, his voice comes off as both the most powerful and important instrument on the track.

"It's just me and la cucaracha, tonight/ Cold pizza with the hot Sriracha, tonight/ Apple TV, Comcast, don't know what to watch-a, tonight/ Shoulda had you when I had you, now I wish I gotcha, tonight," the 21-year-old croons to open the song.

From there, Chance continues to set the scene of a night alone that anyone ‒ not just a famous rapper ‒ can relate to: cooking by yourself, trying to stay busy, hoping that that special someone calls or texts.

The song is the first that he's released since cancelling shows due to an illness last week. After missing his Coachella set, Chance had to shut down his touring through the week due to a combination of the flu and tonsillitis.

There's no word on when Chance plans to drop his new project, so this will have to hold fans over for the time being.