Nick & Knight: Nick Carter And Jordan Knight Are Making A Collabo Album

BRB, living the Backstreet Boys/ New Kids on the Block fan dream.
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Here is a thing that is real and matters more than all of the other things on the definitive list of things: Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys and Jordan Knight of New Kids on the Block are joining forces for a forthcoming collaboration album titled Nick & Knight (out September 2) and a North American tour this fall.

You know what that means? All other boy bands can take a stadium full of seats today. That’s right, I mean you, One Direction, 5 Seconds Of Summer, The Vamps, The Wanted, and — ooooooooh, sorry! Too soon.
The LP’s available for pre-order right now on, and those who do so will snag an auto-download of the duo’s new song teased in the video above, “Just the Two of Us.” The track’s got an easygoing, “so hot right now” Pharrell-disco-throwback feel to it with a totally old-school, NKOTB-worthy bassline vocal and tingling, BSB-era falsetto harmonies.

This is a lot to process right now. Middle-school me is literally ripping up his brand-new Trapper Keeper out of feels-related frustration. Still, my body — it is ready.

Now, let’s all gaze at Nick Carter’s now-and-forever facial flawlessness.

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Oh, and Jordan Knight’s because #turndownforwhat.

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