EXCLUSIVE: This 'Dead Of Winter' Cover Is Pretty Chilling

Winter is... here?

Summer may be on the horizon, but in the world of YA, winter is totally coming — "Dead of Winter," that is, the third book in Kresley Cole's bestselling "Arcana Chronicles" series. And we're totally feeling the chill today, as we have an exclusive sneak peek at the book's frosty cover.

The latest book in Cole's supernaturally awesome series — which is about a group of teens possessing of Tarot-themed powers — sees protagonist Evie caught in a particularly sticky love triangle. "Dead of Winter" comes on the heels of "Poison Princess" and "Endless Knight."

Currently shacking up with a dude named Death (remember, Tarot-themed powers), Evie is thrown into a tizzy when former paramour Jack comes under fire by the dastardly Lovers.

Can the trio stop fighting long enough to best their foes? Or will their house of cards come tumbling down? I don't know, but either outcome sounds pretty page-turn-y.

“I was delighted when I saw this 'Dead of Winter' cover and thought it a perfect fit for the third installment in the Arcana Chronicles Series," Cole told MTV News. "'Dead of Winter' is a fast-paced tale with plenty of suspense, romance, adventure and even horror, so I really liked that the landscape evokes the haunting eeriness of Evie’s journey (and hints at things to come). The symbol represents The Lovers, the chilling villains of this book -- fitting that it’s red with bladelike angles. As mysterious as they are!”

'Dead of Winter' hits shelves January 6, 2015.