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Does Pharrell's Mickey Mouse Band-Aid Make Him The New Nelly?

Is it just us or is it getting hot in herre?

Pharrell went from “Happy” to “Hot In Herre” Tuesday night at the 2014 TIME 100 Gala in New York City. The hip-pop heavyweight, who was being recognized as one of TIME's Most Influential People, attended the event rocking his trademark hat, but maybe even more noteworthy, a Mickey Mouse Band-Aid on his chin.

Although the 41-year-old honoree told MTV News the bandage was to cover a scratch, we couldn't help but wonder if he was taking style cues from his good pal Nelly.

Pharrell Williams / MTV News

It would be no surprise since the Neptunes producer helped pen a number of the St. Louis rapper's hit songs and recently invited him to join forces onstage during Pharrell's set at Coachella earlier this month.

While we assume Pharrell just sported the Disney dressing as a fun way to disguise his blemish, Nelly's signature was actually in support of an incarcerated family member — he has no plan to bring back the retro look.

"I would hope I wouldn't have to because when I was doing it at the time, my little brother was locked up," Nelly told MTV News' Sway during an episode of "RapFix Live" in October. "I'm hoping I ain't going to have to put no Band-Aids back on. All is well right now."

So that settles it, Pharrell. The face Band-Aid is all yours.