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J.D. Salinger Biopic Will Be 'Hunger Games' Screenwriter's Next Project

We round up three actors who could bring the famous writer's early angst to life.

By Kat Rosenfield

Four years after the death of the reclusive J.D. Salinger, the man who made Holden Caulfield a household name is getting a biopic of his very own.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, screenwriter Danny Strong is set to direct "Salinger's War," a movie that follows Salinger out of early obscurity in 1940s New York, into the trenches of World War II, and through the process of writing a little novel called "The Catcher in the Rye."

Strong, whose most recent projects include penning the scripts for the final two films in the "Hunger Games" franchise, is a Hollywood jack-of-all-trades — an actor and producer as well as an Emmy award-winning writer — but he's saved his directorial debut for this film. It's safe to assume that Salinger is a subject that Strong is passionate about; he paid personally for the movie rights to the Salinger biography this movie will be based on, and wrote the script himself on spec.

"Salinger's War" already has a home at Black Label Media, but the one thing it doesn't have is a cast — particularly a leading man to play its titular character. Who should producers tap to play the iconic, enigmatic author?

Ben Feldman

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Because he sports a ridiculous, extravagant mustache on "Mad Men," you'd be forgiven for not realizing that Ben Feldman is a very handsome fellow with a distinct resemblance to Salinger. But he is! And knowing how well he can handle both mid-century mannerisms and creative angst, it would be great to see him dial it back a couple decades to play a young J.D. Salinger in old New York.

Nicholas Hoult

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It's about time that everyone's favorite British Beast got to carry a film completely on his own (no, "About A Boy" doesn't count), and the meaty role of a struggling writer would be a nice, serious, cerebral change from his work on the X-Men franchise.

Logan Lerman

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After becoming famous as a teenage demi-god, a teenage wallflower and a teenage Biblical character with a super-embarrassing dad, this actor is bound to be looking for a role that's more befitting an adult dude. Playing Salinger would be a big step for Logan, but we think he could handle it — especially when he'll have already cut his teeth on another story from the same era, the WWII drama "Fury."

Who do you think should portray Salinger?