Wait, Is This Harry Styles?

Seeing double.

Hey Directioners: I have a mid-week mind-blower for you. Check out the dude in the image up there. Dreamy, right? Perfect, no? Is your heart racing like a raver on too much blackmarket Four Loko while your soul wails "Hazza"? Roger that.

Well, get this: That is not, in fact, Harry Styles. Cue a very anatomically correct exploding brain noise.

Yes, I know, this is a literally unbelievable statement, but it's true, guys. The above well-haired one is, in fact, Dot Major of London Grammar.

Yes, he is a totally divergent human man who is not related to Harry Styles at all.

Still, when Major and the rest of the band came in to chat with MTV News about their debut record If You Wait, he had a fewer staffers confused -- and more than one fluttering to my desk, screeching, "Was that Harry?"

And, it seems, the denizens of MTV News aren't the only ones seeing double -- according to the band, Major gets mistaken for Styles all the time, a state of affairs they find "weird."

Weird or no, check out the side-by-side below. I would say they should play together -- if not for that whole seeing-ones-doppelgänger-portends-certain-death thing. Damn that fickle finger of fate.