Redferns/Daniel Boczarski

Katy Perry's New Favorite Lullaby Will Haunt Your Dreams

Lil B's 'Katy Perry' pays tribute to the ultimate California Gurl, we think.

It's not often you hear a grown man insist that you call him Katy Perry. But when Lil B says it on his just-dropped single honoring the ultimate California Gurl, he really sounds like he means it.

The brooding, ominous song from the BaseGod features the spooky refrain, "Call Me Katy Perry" over horror show keyboards. And while the verses don't have much to do with KP (focusing mostly on partying, hooking up and B's untouchable levels of swag), he does give a shout out to "all the girls that kiss girls." So that counts.

Katy was definitely psyched for the shout out, calling it a "lovely #rare lullaby."

It's not he first time B has paid tribute to a pop idol. Back in 2011 he gave a shout to one of his other inspirations on with "Justin Bieber".