Is This The 'Grease Live' Cast? We Hope So

These stars fit this casting like wop baba lumop a wap bam boom

By now you've heard Fox is bringing a live production of "Grease" to our TV screens in 2015 a la "Sound of Music Live." Naturally, the first thing we did (besides grabbing our leather jackets and practicing the chorus of "Summer Nights") was imagine who should fill the shoes of Sandy, Danny and the rest of the gang.

Here are the young stars we're dreaming of to take on the roles of the iconic characters:

Danny Zuko: Zac Efron

With his breakout role in the "Grease"-inspired "High School Musical," we couldn't imagine anyone better to play the handsome, tough-on-the-outside, sensitive-on-the-inside leader of the T-Birds. And maybe he could perform "Greased Lightning" shirtless?

Sandy Olsson: Ariana Grande

The popstar/actress is perfect to play the shy and sweet Sandy, and we can practically hear her belting out "Hopelessly Devoted To You" right now. 

Kenickie: Michael B Jordan

We'd love to see the "Fruitvale Station" star as Danny's right-hand man and loyal boyfriend of Rizzo.

Betty Rizzo: Naya Rivera

The fierce "Glee" actress Naya Rivera would take her bad-girl status at McKinley High to Rydell High. 

Frenchy: Anna Kendrick

We could see "The Pitch Perfect" and "Into The Woods" star as the pink-haired, fun loving Beauty School Dropout. 

Marty Maraschino: Taylor Swift

The Queen of Country was born to play the sophisticated and sultry boy-crazed Pink Lady. 

Leo Balmudo: Miles Teller

He's so hot right now. The versatile actor would crush the role as bad guy and leader of the Scorpions. 

Teen Angel: Darren Criss

We would love to see him reprise this character from "Glee" (not to mention he has the voice of an angel). 

Who do you think should be in "Grease" live? Sound off in the comments!