Ricky Dillon's Got His Cheap Shades On And Is Ready To Party In The Pool In His Star-Studded 'Ordinary' Video

Oh, you weren't invited to Ricky Dillon's pool party? Neither were we. Luckily this star-studded video from 1/6th of O2L is the next best thing.

Sincerest of sorries (and not-sorries) to you and any summer party you had planned. Actually, you know what? Just cancel it, because it's never going to be as ceweb-studded or double-shot-filled as the summer jam that YouTube star (and 1/6th of O2L) Ricky Dillon's throwing in his brand-new "Ordinary" video.


Deflate your sad, basic kiddie pool filled with unfulfilled dreams from your ordinary life, and watch Ricky Dillon show you how the pros do.

All you'll need are...

+ Empty double cups

+ Cheap shades

+ Tank tops!!

+ Kian!!

+ Intro that sounds SO satisfyingly much like Nelly's "Ride" (Woot!)

+ Trance-inducing hook

+ Lauren Elizabeth

+ Super Soakers

+ Blatant Kia promo

+ John D (aka Simply Spoons)

+ Jenn McAllister (aka @jennxpenn)

+ Go-to glow-stick scene

+ Giving of no whats

+ Total domination of Internet

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to scour my Spam folder, because I'm sure that's where my invite accidentally went.