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Cher Lloyd's 'Sirens' Video Hits Us Right In The 'Breaking Bad' Feels

Watch the 'Want U Back' singer channel her inner Skyler White in this new clip.

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Anyone who knows anything about Cher Lloyd knows that she's not one to hold her tongue. (Likewise, anyone who knows nothing about the U.K. pop princess can GTFO.) That's why it's so alarming to see her channel such isolation and pain in her new "Sirens" video. Who took your brattitude, bb?!?! I will literally make like Mariah Carey in "Touch My Body," and hunt them down.

The Uprising Creative LLC-directed clip presents Cher as a woman in pain, silently watching the drug-dealing father of her child do "business" in their kitchen as her world slowly crumbles around her. The internal struggle is real, and we're feeling all the feels over the "Bind Your Love" singer's performance.

For anyone who ever complained about Skyler White being an annoying buzzkill or whatever on "Breaking Bad," maybe it was because HER HUSBAND WAS DEALING METH AND IT CAUSED HER PAIN. Or, as Cher belts it out in "Sirens": "I am drowning, and you're stealing every breath." Stick that in your meth pipe, and — wait, why do you have a meth pipe?!

I won't spoil it here, but the video does offer some resolution for Cher's character, who finally manages to cut ties with her abusive significant other by clip's end. As much as I love giving Cher all-access passes to my tear ducts, I really hope she bounces back with a goofier, more upbeat track for the next video from her upcoming sophomore album, Sorry I'm Late. Maybe something like "Dirty Love"? I'm just looking out for my physical/emotional/spiritual well-being.