'They Came Together' Is Your New Favorite Movie: Watch The First Trailer

Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd? Consider our tickets bought.

It's a universally accepted truth that everyone just loves Paul Rudd. We can accept that, right? The same goes for Amy Poehler. The duo are basically comedy and America and the universe's Mr. and Miss Congeniality. They're like the student body president who's good looking and really popular and funny, but you can't resent them for having everything seemingly coming so effortlessly to them because they're just so darn nice, right? Right.

So the news that the duo are co-starring in a new satirical take on the romantic comedy genre, "They Came Together," was more than welcome. Oh, and David Wain, who worked with Poehler and Rudd in the amazing "Wet Hot American Summer" is directing? All the effing better for us to bask in the greatness of the trailer for "They Came Together."

Wait, Ed Helms, Cobie Smulders, Martin Starr, Michael Shannon, Ellie Kemper, Bill Hader and Max Greenfield are all in this too? And even more of our favorite comedic actors? Adam Scott, who let you in here?

No, shut up, you're crying tears of anticipatory joy and setting the countdown app on your phone for June 27. You are.

Just remember one thing: It's not their fault they're so perfect. It's just not.

"They Came Together" hits theaters and on-demand June 27.