Action Bronson’s Getting His Own Show: ‘F–k, That’s Delicious’

The Queens rapper will eat his way around the world in new series.

How did it even take this long?

After years of rapping about food, talking about food and making food, Action Bronson finally is finally starring in his own food-related show.

The series, wonderfully titled “F–k, That’s Delicious,” will air online through Munchies, a subsidiary of VICE. A trailer for the show, which will drop new episodes monthly, was released online on Monday (April 28).

“You always hear me rapping about things; this is a rare chance you get to actually see it,” Bronsalino says to the camera to open, before diving some 20 feet off of a boat and splashing into a body of water. From there, it’s all about food.

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