Liam Payne / Instagram

Granddad Liam Payne Finally Figures Out Instagram… Kinda

Here are the One Direction singer's 6 best 'grams from @fakeliampayne.

Liam Payne is finally on Instagram, and Directioners are already trying to take him down.

It sounds weird, but after much anticipation, the One Direction singer founded @fakeliampayne and has posted six photos. Perhaps adding "fake" to his name is some sort of reverse psychology to hackers? NOTHING TO SEE HERE. I'M FAKE.

But handle name aside, Payne is getting quite the swell of emails telling him that people are trying to guess his password. (I already tried pa$$w0rd, 123abc and 1Dhottie93 and they don't work. Just saving you guys some time).

"Right I'm gunna try figure this Instagram sh-- out I sound like a granddad," Payne had said last night.

That said, here are Liam's six best Instagrams. Get it? Because there's only six and they're ALL the best? Sigh… I'll get back to guessing his password now. I don't suppose it's iloveemilee…

Da boyyyzzzzzZ

Instagram be like

Liam Payne / Instagram

Sunday dinner In Peru who would have thought it :D

Just lost another hat here's the new one!

I love all my tour shoes ahhhhh

What a showwwwwwwwwww ahhhhh I love my job... MUTHAF@#!IN CRAZZZYYYYYY